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Hello, everyone. Welcome to! It is a pleasure to help you to play for real, to play live, to play with styles. We just love Yamaha Arranger Keyboards, and our style creator team has more than 25 years of experience in the usage of Yamaha Arranger Keyboards.


When you use styles to play your songs, you have live control on it, to repeat the chorus, the bridge or the verse how many times you want, starting fill-ins when it's time and play for real.

We have an exclusive partnership with Pedro Eleuterio (check his YouTube Channel), which demonstrates some of our styles live, in real action. In his channel, it is also possible to watch some tutorials about style creation and see what the basic steps are to do what we love to do: create awesome styles!

If you have any questions about our custom styles, please write to us at - it is always a pleasure to help you to sound better when playing your keyboard.

Play for real! Play with styles! Play with

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